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Emma De Wilde

Star Consultant


My Story

Why I joined Scentsy... I had a friend, Fergus, in Ireland who started selling Scentsy because he was looking for scented candles. I initially ordered from him because I needed something scented in my hall way to cover up the smell of the rainwater drains. We live on reclaimed land so our water level under the houses is quite high. I was hooked straight away on the Spa range of wax bars. But then he sent me a bag full of mini tester pots and I discovered Vanilla Suede and that's the fragrance that made me want to join up. I waited 10 long years for Scentsy to open up in the Netherlands and now I am delighted with my little business. I love the high quality of the products, the safety of having fragrance in my home without candles and the range of scents available. I have gained so much more than a shed load of free stuff and wages every month. Scentsy has taught me to be generous and to give more than I receive. That was a really big thing for me and I am so grateful to have accepted that life lesson into my heart. So, thank you Scentsy for showing me how to keep it simple, be authentic and to practice generosity.

My Favourite Scents